From 3rd May “GRAND PRIX – The Formula One World Championship Single-Seaters”

In Rome on Wednesday April 17, at the headquarters of ENIT – National Agency for Tourism, in the presence of the President of ENIT Pier Luigi Celli and the General Manager Andrea Babbi, together with Mauro Tedeschini and Adriana Zini, President and Director of the Museum, the new exhibition of the Museo casa Enzo Ferrari was presented: “Grand Prix: the Formula One Championship Single-Seaters”. The exhibition, curated by Giovanni Perfetti and dedicated to the single-seaters between 1950 and 1994 tells the story of 40 years of Formula 1. Seventeen racing cars which have made the history of modern car racing, disputing the greatest speed records of those years, will be on show from May 3 at the Museo casa Enzo Ferrari.

Guests of ENIT , as a preview of the exhibition, were the Ferrari 312 T4, the first “ground effect” single-seater, driven by Gilles Villeneuve in 1979 and the Williams FW15D with which Alain Prost won the World title in 1993, winning seven of the last ten races.